Vintage Obsession

My 20’s so far, along with my uni experience, have steered me towards a love of charity shops, antiques, good furniture and vintage stuff. Why you might ask, well here is my list:

Charity shops are an awesome concept, essentially a shop abiding by the laws of ‘one mans horror, is another mans pleasure.’ That tea set that you personally have no use for could be the finishing set in a teaconnioisseurs  collection. That hideous coat might be the finishing touch to someone else’s creatively brilliant fancy dress costume. And not only that but you can go into the same shop three times a week and there is always something new you haven’t seen or noticed before. If none of that is a plus, anything you purchase is contributing to some sort of charity. Retail therapy and a good deed all in one.

Antiques are pretty f****** cool really. Everything undoubtedly carries a story, no matter how irrelevant it may be. I also love that our generation seems to be growing an appreciation for items that were once important or popular. Whether that is due to an appreciation to the history or sentiment behind it, or more to do with the fact it becomes a trend, I’m not sure. But antiques are without a doubt valued, even ‘new’ products are being designed to look old and authentic like an antique. I personally can’t help but get a child-like excitement in me when I see an old item, but I think a lot of that is down to curiosity.

Good furniture, okay so I love interior design probably as much as I love clothes. I’m obsessed. You set me loose in somewhere like ‘The Range’, ‘Dunelm’ or ‘Zara home’ and I’m like putty in your hands. I adore duvet sets, pillows, statues, candles, kettles, cutlery, urgh the list goes on and I could be here all day. But the point is, growing up you always live in a house that is essentially your parents. Pretty much every room in that house is how your parents have designed it to be, other than your bedroom. But even then, you’ll be restricted on how much you can actually ‘go to town’ on the space as obviously, you don’t own it. Once you get to Uni however all of a sudden you have this space and you can basically do what you want with it (within reason) but it has just solidified my obsession with home ware stuff. I probably own about 20 + elephant related home products, yet I see a cushion of candle with an elephant on? HAVE TO HAVE IT. Aside from my neurotic obsession with homeware, I also think when you finally move away from home you suddenly get this all understanding appreciation for all the basic homely things that you always took for granted. Random items like a utensils pot, or draining board, all of a sudden became important to me. And instead of browsing the aisles of dresses in top shop on a Saturday, fantasising about being able to afford them, I find myself scaling the aisles of homeware stores, thinking up my perfect kitchen, lounge and bedroom in my head. 

Now last but by no means least I wanted to talk about vintage. I found myself last summer, after discovering a pair of reeboks my mum had owned in the 80s, (insert ‘Meangirls’ quote if you wish) becoming increasingly into vintage-esque clothing. All of a sudden corduroy pinafores, frilly ankle socks, batwing vibrantly patterned cardigans, fringes, rounded glasses, denim and plaid shirts all really appealed to me. In fact, they don’t just appeal to me, I’m obsessed. What’s strange though is it’s like an infection, pretty much every member of my friendship group has a slight, if not insane, obsession with vintage clothing. I personally purchased the most magnificent, baggy cardigan today and a new plaid shirt. This cardigan though, I have fallen in love with it. I don’t know if you remember as a kid loving something new so much that you’d lie awake, unable to sleep because you’d be so excited to wear it the following day. Kind of like when you do a food shop now and you suddenly remember whilst in bed that you do have food and you look forward to having breakfast. That is honestly how I feel about this cardigan, and I haven’t been excited to wear something other than a dressy dress for….longer than I can remember. I think there is just a real look of originality, and quirkiness in people who dress themselves with vintage but also compliment it with make up and hair. It’s definitely one of my most favourite fashion looks ever, I always stare at people who execute a vintage outfit perfectly because I just think it’s amazing. I definitely have to question though that fashion is almost regurgitating the old fashion because it has nothing as amazing to bring to the table. Food for thought there. 

Apologies for the waffle, 

M x


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