Floral Prints, Pastel Nails and Mesh Dresses

I have to say, after going shopping yesterday I am loving the new fashion this season. Pastel pinks and lilacs, embroidered floral prints, borg-lined denim jackets, mesh dresses and pastel trainers. I couldn’t help but think the new fashion complimented my new fringe perfectly, unhealthily inspiring me to spend more $$$ than I own. My dad said to me that I look like a hippy from the 60s, so I thought why not embrace the look with some flowery numbers and get back on board the denim train.

I already owned a borg-lined denim jacket as a young teenager but tossed it aside because when I was 12, having the latest clothes was fashionable, not something your mum owned when she was younger. Now at the age of 22, it is all about the vintage and I kick myself at leaving that jacket behind. I even got my dad to search through the entirety of the attic to find it, he came up with nothing. I have been lusting after a new one ever since they came back on the scene a few months ago, yet I refused to pay around the sixty GBP mark, like Topshop and Asos sell them for. Yesterday, much to my delight I managed to score one in the Newlook sale for a wonderful price of eighteen english pounds.

img_7902 This absolute bargain of a find seemed to send off a frenzy though and soon enough my arms were filled with bags of floral, mesh and pastel trainers all to finish off the image transformation.fullsizerender

After my mum and I had spent ages searching for a nail bar we gave up, however after a quick trip to boots we got some falsies and were not disappointed. House of Holland did me proud with some four pound nude stiletto nails with little pearls! Not bad for the price and my friend even thought they were acrylics. fullsizerender-2

And, you can tell by the Prosecco in the background that the day ended how all girly days should.

M x


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