Vintage Obsession

My 20’s so far, along with my uni experience, have steered me towards a love of charity shops, antiques, good furniture and vintage stuff. Why you might ask, well here is my list: Charity shops are an awesome concept, essentially a shop abiding by the laws of ‘one mans horror, is another mans pleasure.’ That … More Vintage Obsession

Floral Prints, Pastel Nails and Mesh Dresses

I have to say, after going shopping yesterday I am loving the new fashion this season. Pastel pinks and lilacs, embroidered floral prints, borg-lined denim jackets, mesh dresses and pastel trainers. I couldn’t help but think the new fashion complimented my new fringe perfectly, unhealthily inspiring me to spend more $$$ than I own. My … More Floral Prints, Pastel Nails and Mesh Dresses